1942 Induction List-WWII

Ross County, OH


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Many of Ross County, Ohio's men were drafted and inducted into the United States Armed Forces during World War II. The following is a transcript of the induction orders for those men who were inducted on 23 October 1942. After these men were inducted, they were placed in the reserves for about six months before being placed on active duty. The induction orders lists the men who were inducted, their service numbers (the number that starts with #3542), and where and when they were assigned, and also shows the statement the men had to give to appear for duty at the proper time.


           Medical Examination and Induction Board No. 5
                96 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio
SPECIAL ORDERS                                OCTOBER 23, 1942
NO.  170
                         E X T R A C T
11.    Under authority contained in War Dept. letter, 4/25/42, each of the
following enlisted men, inducted this date into the Army of the United
States, is released from active duty this date and transferred to the
Enlisted Reserve Corps, and will proceed to the Local Board indicated.
1. 88  Fred E. Vore              35424408
2.101  Ralph S. Merriman         35424426
3.136  Lawrence F. George        35424427
4.106  Delbert Knisley           35424430
5. 93  James E. Pollock          35424432
6. 90  Robert L. Cochenour       35424433
7. 91  Dwight Myers              35424435
8.121  Robert L. Hardesty        35424439
9.113  John M. Wimer             35424441
10.111  James O. Childs          35424442
11. 94  Chaney,                  35424443
12.132  Archie L. Wright         35424444
13.123  Bernard L. McCollister   35424445
14.207  Mervin E. Pierce         35424451
15.212  Albert D. Schrader       35424453
16.198  Lawrence L. Glandon      35424454
17.208  William E. Easterday     35424452
18.152  Ralph E. Hester          35424455
19.195  Bernard C. Brown         35424456
20.135  Woodrow W. Grubb         35424457
21.210  Clarence E. Ward         35424458
22.214  Forrest R. Summers       35424459
23.(Number missing.  Hole in paper.)34  Warren H. Knisley   35424462
24.209  William H. Sibrell       35424463
25.(Number missing.  Hole in paper.)42  Richard B. Leasure  35424465
26.200  Theodore W. Shewalter    35424466
27.(Number missing.  Hole in paper.)9   Charles C. Corns    35424467
28.120  Clyde N. Stevens         35424468
29.(Number missing.  Hole in paper.)8   Gerald W. Thompson  35424470
30.100  John F. Gray             35424471
31.(Number missing.  Hole in paper.)0   Merl F. Dinkler     35424472
32.126  Robert L. Krout          35424473
33.(Number missing.  Hole in paper.)    Lawrence W. Skaggs  35424475
34.141  Walter Brown             35424480
35.(Number missing.  Hole in paper.) Arthur G. Hertensteine 35424482
36.197  John H. Riley            35424484
37.146  Sanford K. Broughton     35424486
38.213  Walter M. Hettinger      35424487
39.124  George R. Pales          35424488
40.216  Kenneth R. Slagle        35424489
41.130  Charles W. Althouse      35424490
42.202  Thomas E. Walters, Jr.   35424494
43.154  Howard A. Riley          35424495
44.190  Earnest Bivens           35424496
45.192  Glen E. Carroll          35424497
46.133  Forrest C. Hettinger     35424498
47.139  Adam W. Althouse         35424401
48.188  Paul F. Everhart         35424502
49.203  Daniel Johnson           35424504
50.231  Warren M. Paige          35424521
51.215  Oral W. Cooper           35424523
52.218  Donald M. Anderson       35424525
53.168  Charles A. Hixon         35424527
54.108  John J. Coppel           35424474
55.180  Edsel L. Kinzer          35424532
56.181  Russell L. Boggess       35424536
57.112  Harold F. Karshner       35424548
58.172  William G. Justice       35424549
59.220  Robert M. Sullivan       35424551
60.184  Eugene F. Newlan         35424552
61.176  Dwight Newland           35424555
62.224  Howard W. Cokonougher    35424554
63.160  Walter C. Ackley         35424556
64.221  Warner E. Chester        35424557
65.223  Robert G. Meeker         35424559
66.177  Dewey A. Roush, Jr.      35424560
67.155  Gilbert C. Baxter        35424561
68.228  Elwood G. Rinehart       35424564
69.183  Lonnie C. Boggs          35424565
70.102  Clesson Johnson          35424570
71.219  Carl W. Binkler          35424590
72. 96  Theodore Rhoads          35424598
73.110  Harold R. Dawson         35424599
74.222  Berlin R. Raybourn       35424601
75.103  Alonzo H. Detty          35424602
76. 95  Howard Woods             35424604
77.153  John Pence, Jr.          35424605
78.167  Leslie B. Shafer         35424607
79.131  Henry L. Gallaugher      35424609
80.147  John L. Pontious         35424612
81.181  Dwight Willis            35424615
82.144  Clifford Gallaugher      35424620
83.114  James S. Ford            35424428
84. 92  Starlie Jett             35424431
85.105  Clyde K. Cutright        35424440
86.107  Howard Williamson        35424447
87.162  Gilbert E. Buchanan      35424461
88.104  Charles W. Williams      35424464
89.178  Darrel E. Ice            35424485
90.225  Charles R. Jones         35424530
91.185  Russell E. Ortman        35424533
92.227  Eldon G. Rinehart        35424534
93.229  Lawrence Pauley          35424600
1.604  Paul R. Brown            35424361
2.603  Wendell L. Gregg         35424363
3.605  James F. Alexander       35424362
Effective November 6, 1942, each of the above ERC men is called
to active duty and will proceed from the Local Board indicated
to the Reception Center, Fort
Par. 11,  S.O. No. 170, Contd.               Page 2.
Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, reporting to the Commanding Officer
thereat for duty.  The Induction Station Transportation Officer
will furnish the necessary transportation.  It being impracticable
for the Govt. to furnish rations in kind, meal for ninety-six (96)
men, 1 meal per man, will be provided on party meal ticket at a
rate of not to exceed $0.75 per meal or not to exceed $1.00 per meal
when taken in the dining car. TDN PA FD 34 P434-02 A 0425-23.
    Signed  Frelyn L. Keckler/JER
            FRELYN L. KECKLER,
            1st Lt., Inf.,
       96 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio
      I am a soldier in the United States Army.  I raised my hand  today and
swore that "I would defend my country against all her enemies whomsoever."
I now have new and different responsibilities.  Today the Articles of War,
the soldier's law, were read and explained to me by an officer.  I am
subject to this soldier's law.  I must obey.  I must not bring discredit
upon the military service because that isn't fair to the rest of the
soldiers with whom I soon shall live.  Even though I do not have my uniform
I am a soldier.
     I,  _______________________________ have been sent to the Enlisted
Reserve Corps and will be sent to the tour of my local board at
______________________  at ___ o'clock A.M. for shipment to an Army
Reception Center at _______________________.
I have a copy of the special orders transferring me.  My fare will be paid
by the Army.  I know that I must report to the local board at the hour and
on the date specified.  If  I am sick or meet with an accident I will notify
my local board so the Army will know why I have not reported for duty.  As
soon as I am well I will report to my local board and my fare will be
     One of the fellows has been placed in charge of our group.  He didn't
particularly want the job, but when he was appointed he took it.  I am going
to cooperate with him and that will make his job easy, and mine too.
     While I am at home I am going to protect my health.  I will guard
against diseases that might ruin my career and which I can avoid.
     When I report to my local board for shipment to the reception center, I
will bring with me only a small traveling bag with a suit of underwear, an
extra pair of socks and necessary toilet articles (razor, shaving cream,
toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, face and bath).  The only civilian clothes I
will bring will be the clothes I wear, because when I arrive at the
reception center I will have to send my traveling bag and civilian clothes
home when my uniform is issued to me.  When I am at home I will have my hair
cut because the Army wants you to have your hair cut short.  The reception
center barbers are kept busy cutting the hair of the soldiers who are
stationed there permanently.  I want to make a good impression.  Having my
hair cut, fingernails trimmed, presenting a neat, clean appearance give a
good impression.  I am going to do these things because first impressions
are lasting.
     Members of the Enlisted Reserve Corps will be held strictly
responsible, both personally and financially, for any damage to public
property, such as railroad, bus, hotel, or restaurant, and they are also
liable for damage which they may cause to public or private property on the
trip either from the induction station to the local board, or from the local
board to the reception center.
     I am a soldier in the Army of the United States.