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1810 Federal Census -  included the new State of Ohio. Partial losses include those for Illinois Territory and Ohio.

  1. Buckskin Township Census Index

1820 Federal Census - By 1820 six new states had been formed bringing the total to 23 states in the Union including Ohio.

  1. Colerain Twp [partial]
  2. Paint Twp [partial]
  3. Twin Twp [partial]

1830 Federal Census - Missouri achieved statehood in 1821, bringing the total number of states to 24. Some county wide census losses occurred but none occurred in Ohio.

  1. Jefferson Twp

1840 Federal Census - The new states of Arkansas and Michigan were included in the 1840 Federal Census, bringing the total state count to 26. There were no substantial census losses for the 1840 census.

  1. Ross County Census Index

A - D





  1. Twin Twp., [partial]
  2. 1841 Revolutionary War Pension Census

1850 Federal Census - Between 1840 and 1850, five new states were added and four new territories were included in the census. No enumeration for the Unorganized Territory of the Great Plains was included.  For the first time, the census schedules listed the names of everyone in a household and included information for each person. But no relationships between the members of the household were shown.

  1. Deerfield Twp. [partial]
  2. Franklin Twp. [partial]
  3. Huntington Twp. [partial]
  4. Jefferson Twp.
  5. Scioto Twp. [partial]
  6. Twin Twp. [partial]
  7. Union Twp. [partial]

1860 Federal Census - Two new states, Minnesota and Oregon,  were added to the Union for a total of 33 states.  No relationships were shown between members of a household

  1. Concord Twp. [partial]

  2. Deerfield Twp. [partial]

  3. Huntington Twp. [partial]

  4. Paxton Twp. [partial]

  5. Twin Twp. [partial]

  6. Union Twp. [partial]

  7. Jefferson Twp.

1870 Federal Census - Four new states were added to the Union between 1860 and 1870 for a total of 37 states and six new territories were created. The Unorganized Territory, unofficially called the "Indian Territory" was not enumerated for non-Indians in 1870.

  1. Buckskin Twp. [partial]
  2. Concord Twp. [partial]
  3. Franklin Twp.
  4. Huntington Twp. [partial]
  5. Jefferson Twp.
  6. Liberty Twp.
  7. Paxton Twp. [partial]
  8. Scioto Twp. [partial]
  9. Twin Twp. [partial]
  10. Union Twp. [partial]

1880 Federal Census -  Colorado was the only state admitted to the Union between 1870 and 1880, bringing the total to 38 states. Eight territories were enumerated and Unorganized Alaska was enumerated. But the Indian Territory was not enumerated for non-Indians.

  1. 1880 Federal Census in its entirety is freely available at and

1890 Veterans Schedule - The United States special census of Civil War Union veterans and widows of veterans available on microfilm M123 (118 rolls) from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Information listed in this index includes the veteran's name or widow's name, rank, year of enlistment, and year of discharge.

  1. Franklin Twp Veterans Schedule - Name index and census images

  2. Harrison Twp Veterans Schedule - Name index and census images

  3. Paint Twp Veterans Schedule - Name index and census images

1900 Federal Census - Utah was the only state to join the Union in the decade prior to this decennial census, making a total of 45 states. Hawaii was annexed to the U.S. in 1898, became a territory in 1900 and later a state.

  1. 1900 Concord Twp. [partial]
1930 Federal Census - For the 1930 census, the Bureau of the Census developed a new ED numbering system for 52 of the 56 jurisdictions. Within each state, each county has a distinct number that is followed by the specific enumeration district number. The county numbers were assigned based on the alphabetical order of the counties within each state. Sometimes no one lived in an ED, in which case the enumerator wrote "NP" on the sheet, meaning no population. Some of the EDs contain as few as one person. Be careful when viewing the film so not to miss these small EDs. In some cases, the Bureau combined two EDs. The number that was not used is listed as "void." 

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  1. District 1 - South Salem Village Twp
  2. District 2 - Buckskin Twp
  3. District 3 - Colerain Twp. (Adelphi Village)
  4. District 6 - Concord Twp.
  5. District 4 - Colerain Twp.
  6. District 5 - Frankfort Twp.
  7. District 30 - Twin Township


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